H.H Sri Siva Chidananda Bharati Swamy (1991 – 2002) (Birth: Aug 22nd 1929, Siddhi Dec 17th 2002)

Sri Bandhakavi Seetha Ramanjaneyulu was born to Sri Venkat Ramaiah and Smt. Subhadra as a blessed child on August 22nd 1929 (in the year shukla and sravanabahulavidiya, Thursday). In 1948 he married Smt. Seeta Mahalakshmi. Sri Seeta Ramanjaneyulu gave birth to a son and a daughter. He started legal practice after getting his Law degree. He became a famous lawyer in the district. He held different responsible positions in Rashtriya Swayam Sevaka Sangh, Vishva Hindu Parishad, Nannayya Bhattaraka Peetham, Brahmin service society etc. He took sanyasa from H.H Trivikrama Ramananda Bharathi Swamiji on 21-1-1991 and was named as Siva Chidananda Bharathi Swamiji. He ascended Sri Siddheswari Peetham in the same year.

Sri Siddheswari Peetham of Courtallam got developed in leaps and bounds under the able administration of HH Sri Siva Chidananda Swamy who was very proficient in all administrative and legal matters. In 1996, Swamiji renovated all the temples of Nadi Ganapathi, Sri Raja Rajeshwari, Sri Kameshwara Swamy, Sri Seeta Rama, Sri Yoga Narasimha, Sri Santana Gopala Swamy and Sri Valli Devasenasametha Subramanya Swamy, which were preciously got built by HH Sri Mouna Swamy. During his tenure, the idols of Sri Anjaneya Swamy and Dandayudhapani were shifted to the newly built temples from their original place. New temples for HH Sri Mouna Swamy, Sri Shirdi Sai Baba and Sri Ayyappa Swamy were built. Other major projects undertaken were – a special dias was constructed for Nava Grahas, Yaga Shala was constructed for yagnams, a pushkarini was built in such a way that, the water flows from Chitra River directly into it. His holiness started Sri Raja Rajeshwari Annadana Society and arranged special dining halls for the devotees. New cowsheds were also built. On the request of the devotees, a temple for the deity of Prathyangira was built. The hall of Seeta Rama temple was beautifully and artistically molded. A special Sri Chakra Meru was installed opposite to deity of Sri Raja Rajeshwari. The Sri Chakra Meru was made up of Sapphire (Marakatha Stone). Once such Meru was also kept on the mandir of the samadhi’s of his predecessors. A meditation dias was also constructed in a pyramidal structure. A compound wall was constructed covering all the temples. The programs of temples were conducted regularly and systematically. During his holiness incumbency the Peetham has all round development and prosperity. During his holiness period several other temples came under the control of Peetham.

He was called Abhinava Mouna Swamy. Whenever a difficulty was faced for the peetham affairs, his holiness used to go to HH Sri Mouna Swamy’s Samadhi and pray. His prayers were immediately heard and necessary work was done. His Holiness had a good erudition and mastery over astrology, vastu and muhurtasastra.

Once when HH was in Dattatreya Mutt in Vijayawada, an atheist came and suddenly died with heart attack. A doctor was called, who examined and declared the person dead. Then with the extra ordinary emotion, Swamiji stood up and said loudly, “Mouna Swamy is calling you, get up” – thrice. The dead person woke up as though from sleep. Many such instances of miracles can be quoted in the life of Swamiji.

In 2002, a magazine called “Mouna Prabha” was started to arouse devotion and spirituality in the hearts of people. Swamiji used to pray to principle deity of the peetham Sri Raja Rajeshwari for proper successor. During the auspicious circumstance, Dr. Prasada Raya Kulapathi, retired principal of Hindu College, Guntur who is also a poet and a versatile person wanted to take sanyasa deeksha. On September 9th, 2002, Dr. Kulapathi was given sanyasa deeksha by HH Sri Siva Chidananda Bharati Swamy changing his name to Sri Siddeshwarananda Bharati Swamy and declared him as uttara peethadhipathi. HH Sri Siva Chidananda Bharati Swamy attained siddi on December 17th, 2002 at Vishakapatnam.

“Sri Chidanandeshwara Siva lingam” was installed on his Mahasamadhi.

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