H.H Sri Vimalananda Bharati Swamy (1944 – 1950) (Birth: Aug 20th 1878, Siddhi Jan 25th 1950)

His Holiness Sri Vimalananda Bharathi Swamy, formerly known as Sri Kanukollu Trivikrama Rama Rao, was born on August 20th, 1878 on auspicious Krishna Janamasthami day to Sri Suryanarayana and Smt. Adi Lakshmi as a boon to their prayers. Sri Trivikrama Rama Rao worked as a teacher in Nobel High School, Machilipatnam. He completed Law from Thiruvanathapuram. As he was more interested in philosophical aspects he didn’t pay much attention towards of science of law. On the request of the Principal of Bandar Noble College, he joined as a lecturer and taught Sanskrit, Telugu and History. Renowned people such as Sri Pingali Lakshmikantham, Sri Katuri Venkateswara Rao and Sri Vishwanadha Satyanarayana were his students. He was initiated into Sanyasa deeksha in 1931 at Tenali by Sri Kalyananda Bharati Swamy and came to be known as Swamy Vimalananda Bharati. In December 1944, he took over as a chief pontiff of Sri Siddheswari Peetham at Courtallam. His holiness presided over the discourses on philosophical aspects in the royal court of Thiruvananthapuram on the occasion of Dasera Navaratris. Audiences were spell bound with his holiness’s extempore speech in Sanskrit on the principles of Advaitha. His holiness delivered several lectures on Bhagavath Geeta, Brahma Sutras, Upanishads and Vedanta Bhasyam. HH was an expert in making complex aspects of philosophy into simple concepts in his speeches and discourses by his analytical and discriminative dealing with the subject. HH restored Sanathana Dharma by inculcating devotional path among the people through his powerful talks travelling all over India. HH lectures were compiled by Sri Thagirala Venkata Narasimha Rao in both prose and poetry in 7 volumes under the name “Sri Vimalananda Vignana Vilasanubandham”.

On January 25th 1950, his holiness attained siddhi. HH Sri Trivikrama Ramananda Bharati Swamy, his successor installed a Vimaleshwara Lingam on his Samadhi in Krishna Lanka in Vijayawada.

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